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A New-Age of Cable Ties - Zip-Tite Cable Ties

July 06, 2023

When bringing a new product line to a specific market, the first thing that any company should ask is if that particular product is a problem solver. If it is a problem solver, there also needs to be differentiation from what is already being sold in the same category.

 Zip-Tite cable ties seems to perfectly fit into these requirements as they make a big leap forward from the standard cable ties that everyone currently uses. Their design offers two major advantages over traditional cable ties. First, the tail is easily removed by just simply twisting the area where you want it to be cut. Second, after the tail is removed, there is no sharp edge that is left behind. The cut is clean and won't scratch or cut anyone who comes into contact with the installed cable tie.

These "simple" innovations completely change the experience one has with using cable ties. Zip-Tite cable ties really have changed the game! Their premium nylon 66 material and Taiwanese build quality really leaves any user not wanting to go back to their traditional counterparts. Zip-Tite cable ties are simply the next step in cable tie innovation!