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Tite-Reach Extension Wrenches: Adapting to the Market

April 22, 2024

Our extension wrenches are what put Tite-Reach on the map, they are what most people know us by and a corner of the market that we truly have brand recognition in. Since our creation of these over a decade and a half ago, there have been some other tool companies that have followed suit. Even so, we continue to be the brand leader in this category due to a variety of reasons.

One of those main reasons for this continuation is our "adaptability", specifically since we are a smaller tool company. We have listened to our customers and produced a wide array of supplementary products like all our custom adaptors and socket sets. These additions keep our existing Tite-Reach extension wrench line full of vitality since they increase the areas and instances in which they can be used. 

This is one of our niches, so our focus on our extension wrench line remains strong. It isn't another line to add to a catalog to check a box, it is a concept we are hyper focused on!