3/8 Tite-Reach Do-it-Yourself Extension Wrench


From The House to The Garage

Our 3/8” DIY version was made to be the “every man’s tool” Affordable enough for every guy to have in their toolbox. Outfitted with the same low friction UHMW low friction bushings and chrome vanadium gears, our DIY version has some of the same high-quality parts our professional models use. Our DIY is a great tool for around the house and the garage giving you an 8” extension for your “tite” places.The biggest difference between our DIY wrench and the Pro models is the housing is made from ultrasonically welded plastic.

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3/8 Tite-Reach Do-it-Yourself Extension Wrench

Time Saver

This is a nice tool to have. It will allow you to get into those impossible places on the car with a regular wrench. The quality is good I thought it would break because of the plastic design. I would buy again.

Did not fail

Bought this unique tool despite the reviews fearing the plastic construction. Used the tool for the first time today and I leaned on it quite hard removing a hard to reach bolt. It creaked but didn't break. I would pay more for one made of steel with gears but I have not seen one offered.

Great for tiny engine bays

Bought this for my dad so he could use them on his VW. Lots of star bits in places you can't necessarily get a wrench. He loves it.

One-off tool that'll save you time

This is a must-have tool for those hard to reach places, such as that stupid 10mm bolt hidden behind that valve cover just under the cowl before touching the firewall without any room to stick a socket wrench or anything with leverage to take it off. Well this is the perfect tool for just that. I havent really tried torquing anything over 15 ft/lbs of torque, but it seems to be well made even though its plastic. Get one for those hard to reach places and to get those bolts off/on as you please.