3/8" Professional Tite-reach Extension Wrench


Where it All Started

Our 3/8” professional wrench is where the concept started. The 3/8” pro is specially designed to handle the rigors of everyday use on the farm and in the shop. Designed to be used with your own sockets and socket wrenches all of our wrenches have the versatility to work from either side. With 10” inches of reach our 3/8” pro will extend your reach away from what you are working on saving you time and saving your knuckles. If you would like to get the job done quicker you can also couple our wrench with your impact driver saving you more time and making that awkward nut or bolt easy work on. This wrench is also coupled with a lifetime warranty to ensure your satisfaction.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
great product

Have not had the chance to use them yet but from the quality of the tools I know they will get the job done. Than you for a great product.

Awesome tool.

Works great.

Good Quality

Good quality but seems a bit too thick.

Does exactly what it says it does

have only used this tool a few times, but it works well and as advertised. I have a deep toolbox, but this reaches fasteners that all my bendy ratchets and wrenches could not otherwise reach. One point, you may see a gap between the case halves of the tool and think tightening the two allen screws holding them together would close it up. It will, but the tool seems to jam then. I believe the internal chain and gears rely on having a bit of room to move inside the case to operate properly. Use gloves when holding the tool during operation. The movement of the gears and chain alternately opens and closes the gap between the case halves and can pinch your skin (experience talking here). All and all a great tool!

Reach Only No Tight

This tool is all about reach, not at all about tite. As others have said, it is way too bulky to reach into tight places. When you add a socket it is as deep as, or deeper, than the socket with a standard socket wrench. And the width is about 2 times wider than a socket wrench. A socket and breaker bar will get into much tighter spaces. Albeit you will need some throw space to use it. I have not actually used it yet, but it seems well made enough and should hold up to pretty rigorous wrenching. Got the pro version.