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Tite-Reach Extension Clamp


The Tite-Reach Extension Clamp is a great tool for every toolbox. We've all been in those frustrating spots where your hand can't quite reach or having to wait for a hot muffler or radiator to cool before you can reinstall a bolt. The Extension Clamp will also save you time by not having to remove other parts on your equipment to get into a tight spot. Our clamp’s jaws open to 1 1/8" or 1.125" wide giving you the ability to hold a ¾” nut or bolt. It’s vice-like design also ensures you won’t drop the part it’s holding until you loosen the tension nut. This means unlike a pliers you do not need to maintain tension to keep what you’re holding in place, this is very valuable when you’re in a difficult spot where if you drop what is clamped it will be gone. Our extension clamp has been used in everything from auto body to airline maintenance and is a great option for anyone’s toolbox.


Customer Reviews

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Miguel Lanca
Toolbox essential

Excellent piece of kit and a toolbox essential

Harold Patton
Awesome Tool

I change out compactor motors and you cannot getyour hand under the frame to start the nut on the bolts that hold the motor down. That's where the Tite Reach shines!! best tool I have ever Purchased hands down!!!!!!!

Adjustable tool

5 stars works like a dream gets in tight places saves you a lot of disappointment when you keep dropping nuts and bolts but with this 5ool it gets in tight spots and holds with out dropping saving you pleanty of aggravation. will recommend this item and company to everyone.

Chad Ankeny
Shipping issue / wrong address (purchaser mistake)

I would like to reach out to management and request that you commend the individuals that assured the items ordered; were shipped on time but encountered difficultly due to my mistake. They followed up with the return to sender and immediately sent the items the same day of return to the point of departure.
I would and will highly recommend your products to the my racing, car show, etc. friends and all others.
Thank you to all that assisted with this order,

Mike McCauley

Very handy tool! Works well for nuts, bolts, and many small parts that must be slipped into a tight location. Reasonable in price. Recommended!

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