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Tite-Reach Extension Clamp Tri-Pack - V2


Introducing our V2 Extension Clamp TRI-PACK, a refresh to our V1 model along with the addition of two more lengths.  The Tite-Reach Extension Clamp has quickly become a great tool for every toolbox. We've all been in those frustrating spots where your hand can't quite reach or having to wait for a hot muffler or radiator to cool before you can reinstall a bolt. The Extension Clamp will also save you time by not having to remove other parts on your equipment to get into a tight spot.

Along with getting the standard mid-length 10.5" V2 extension clamp in this pack, you also will be receiving two additional V2 models called the "MINI" and the "MAX". The MINI's overall length is 7.5" and the MAX's overall length is 14.5". This pack gives you more flexibility than ever before when using an extension clamp!

Our V2 clamp jaws open to 1 5/8"wide, which is over 30% wider than our V1 extension clamp. The jaws also stand roughly 35% taller than our V1 extension clamp, increasing the user's ability to keep a tight hold on whatever they are fastening. You will also notice light knurling on both jaws on the V2, another improvement that increases its overall grip.

The extension clamp's vice-like design also ensures you won’t drop the part it’s holding until you loosen the tension nut. This means unlike a pliers you do not need to maintain tension to keep what you’re holding in place, this is very valuable when you’re in a difficult spot where if you drop what is clamped it will be gone. Our extension clamp has been used in everything from auto body to airline maintenance and is a great option for anyone’s toolbox.

Check out Dirt Monkey's overview of our Extension Clamp(s) below!

Customer Reviews

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Joey Nolan

Tite-Reach Extension Clamp Tri-Pack - V2

David Richardson
Tight places

I work on Antique Tractors and this tool is wonderful to reach tight places.

Reynolds, Steve

Tite-Reach Extension Clamp Tri-Pack - V2


Just like their tite-reach ratchet extensions, these make the two-finger nut grasp, hoping you don’t drop it, a thing of the past.


Just what I needed

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