3/8" Professional Tite-reach Extension Wrench


Where it All Started

Our 3/8” professional wrench is where the concept started. The 3/8” pro is specially designed to handle the rigors of everyday use on the farm and in the shop. Designed to be used with your own sockets and socket wrenches all of our wrenches have the versatility to work from either side. With 10” inches of reach our 3/8” pro will extend your reach away from what you are working on saving you time and saving your knuckles. If you would like to get the job done quicker you can also couple our wrench with your impact driver saving you more time and making that awkward nut or bolt easy work on. This wrench is also coupled with a lifetime warranty to ensure your satisfaction.

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Have a full set of your product plus sockets and an extra 3/8 ext. wrench. Haven't used them ye...

Reverse polarity.

Seems well made.

I bought the 3/8" professional wrench and low profile sockets and both seem to be high quality. I have not had a chance to use them yet but I'm sure they will come in handy at some point. On numerous occasions in the past, I have ran into situations where I needed a tool like this.


3/8" Professional Tite-reach Extension Wrench


It’s a Christmas present for my son.

Saved our project

We needed to extract an air fuel sensor from an exhaust header over the weekend. This tool actually allowed me to get enough leverage with my extra long wrench to loosen the sensor without having to remove the header.

Soon after, it started raining. If not for the Tite Reach, we would’ve had to remove the header, costing hours of extra time and ultimately we would’ve had to cancel because of the rain.

Granted, it didn’t really work well with my impact wrench. I knew that going in. But it did the job and we got done before the rain.

Thank you!