1/4" Professional Tite-Reach Extension Wrench


With Strength And Slim Design

The strength of our ¼” wrench is its slim design. This tool allows you to get into places your 3/8” wrench won’t fit. Our die cast aluminum housing allows you to match the 10 inches of reach the 3/8” gives you and fits into smaller spaces. The aero and body work industries really enjoy the ¼” wrench for that fact alone. Like the 3/8” wrench the ¼” version also has a lifetime warranty. Our ¼” version is also lightweight making it easy to work with and maneuver.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Must have for BMW dealer techs

Works great with an electric ratchet on BMW PCV recalls!

Not as smooth as I would have liked.

It may be okay with use but when it first arrived I spun it by hand and it would lock up in places. I'm going to lube it well, and use it when needed, and will report back if it gets better, but for now, 3 Stars is what it deserves.

I would definitely recommend this product

I have bought three of these in different sizes over the past year. It is my go-to tool for all things automotive.I would definitely recommend this product.

Time Saver

speeds things up. a lot of times i break the bolt loose with my ratchet first. it feels like this tool will fail under low torque. Still awesome tho, since you'll remove a nut or bolt way faster because of the extra swing room you get. I use it with my Milwaukee m12 3/8 inch ratchet.. use it with a 1/4inch reducer and sheeeesh nuts and bolts come spinning out in no time

Great for getting into tight spots

I only used the tool once to install a one piece toilet. The flange bolts are enclosed so I did not have room for a regular wrench or for my hand. The tool was a perfect extension so the socket wrench could be ratcheted in the space behind the toilet. I stopped at 4 stars because the adapter came off of the extension tool several times. I finally used a bit of toilet paper to wedge the adapter on to the extension tool.