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20" Heavy Duty Zip-Tite Cable Tie - Black


Introducing Zip-Tite cable ties, the perfect solution for all your cable and wire management needs. These premium cable ties are made from high-quality non-recycled nylon 6/6 material that provides exceptional strength and durability, ensuring that whatever you are tying down is held in place.

Our cable ties have a unique tooth-like design that allows for an easy removal of the tail. You simply twist the tail off by hand, without the need for any tools or special equipment. This innovative feature saves time and effort, and ensures a clean and professional-looking installation that won't leave behind a sharp edge.

Despite this unique design, our cable ties have the same tensile strength as standard cable ties, providing a reliable and secure hold. This means you can use them in a variety of applications, from securing electrical wires to organizing your home or office space. Even you mechanics and gardeners could find a use for these!

Our premium nylon cable ties are incredibly easy to use. Simply wrap them around the cables or items you wish to secure, and thread the tail through the head of the tie. Once you have gotten the cable-tie to the tightness you want, simply twist the tail off.

The color is best described as a Matte Black.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Alexander Roat
Better than Advertised!

The description doesn’t do them justice! They’re way tougher than it would seem!

Sean A.
Fantastic Products

The best of the BEST!

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