Tite-Reach Extension Wrench Pro Pack


For The Pros

The Pro Pack gives its user the greatest amount of versatility, durability, and extend-ability. Perfect for the person who isn't afraid to tackle any job and needs the right tools to get it done. The 1/2" wrench for when you need higher ft./lbs to break a nut or bolt free. The 3/8" drive, our most versatile wrench, when working on cars and trucks. The 1/4" drive wrench when you're in a truly tight spot, like under a dashboard or a door panel.

What's Included: 3/8" Pro Extension Wrench, 3/8" to 3/8" adaptor, 3/8" bit adaptor, 3/8" to 1/2" adaptor, 1/4" Pro Extension Wrench, 1/4" to 1/4" adaptor, 1/2" Pro Extension Wrench with built in 1/2" adaptor, 3/8" to 3/8" adaptor.

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Customer Reviews

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James Fogarty
Needed this decades ago.

These extension wrenches are one of those items that make you say " why didn't anyone perfect this year's ago" . An amazing, versatile, and strong tool. I already used the large one to replace brake calipers that were resisting my brake bar. It allowed me to use my bulky mpact wrench where it would never reach.

Kelly Hardaway
Awesome .

Awesome tool .

Austin Breedlove

Using this set in a compact equipment shop and already found multiple jobs that the tite reach tools make easier

Tite-Reach Extension Wrench Pro Pack

I like the product a lot. But I wish it was made in USA or Germany NOT China.
I would worry its reliability when something comes from that place.
I wish there was some level of lesser profit thought process and more patriotic and long view of it.

Greetings Bijan, We are thankful that you like our products! We understand the sentiment when it comes to where things are being made but let us reassure you that we handle the entire manufacturing and quality control process of our products through an office in China. We have found with an operation like this, quality and reliability problems are no issue. That is why we are not afraid to offer a limited lifetime warranty on our pro-series products.

Brook Gonzales
Gift for my Husband

I bought these for him. He was so excited when the package came. He is in love with these tools. Thank you for solving such a common issue. He tells everyone about them.

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